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Perspectives of 2022, approaching the AM with IntegrAM


Serind Gamma


Christian Accogli


Perspectives of 2022, approaching the AM
with IntegrAM

Interview by

Editor of SF4T

Laura De Capitani/Editor:

Mr. Christian Accogli, how was the past year going, comparatively with other historical moments of the Company?

Christian Accogli/Serind Gamma Srl:

First of all I must say that 2021 has been a transition year! Infact we both focused technologic evolutions, on one hand and, on the other hand, we aimed to recover the correct asset after the pandemic influence of the previous year, towards marketing, R&D and strategic alliances. Serind Gamma Srl was born in 1977, from the union of qualified technicians with an innovative spirit, specialized in surface treatments, with the aim of creating the reference point for the national and international market for washing and degreasing systems, as well as other surface finishing technologies. Only few years ago, in 2017, after 40 years from Company foundation, we have introduced important evolutions of our experience that have been proposed on the market untill now – a few examples:


February 2017: Washing System based on detergents dissolved in water and combined with vacuum

Catalogo 2003.fh9

February 2017: Hydrocinetic technology washing systems combined with vacuum and Ultrasonics


February 2017: Robotic deburring systems based on High Pressure water jets

Laura De Capitani/Editor:

Substantially, what do you intend with “marketing, R&D and strategic alliances”?

Christian Accogli/Serind Gamma Srl:

I can report to you an abstract from Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1509/jppm.26.2.302): The distinctive difference between the 1985 and the 2004 American Marketing Association definitions of marketing is the lack of exchange. In the new definition, a focus on creating and delivering value through customer relationships replaces the historical focus on the exchange paradigm. The authors welcome this change and discuss its implications, the limits of the exchange paradigm, the merits of value creation, and the future paradigm for marketing.

Accordingly we analyzed several models of value creation mainly on the National and EU market. The growing trend of the Additive Manufacturing technology, spacing from metal, to polymers, ceramics, composites, is impressive. Another focus has been made on Industry 4.0 where modern companies need to hsift the soonest possible.

Last but not least, energy saving technologies, combined with eco-friendly solutions, are the key words of our marketing activities 2022-23-24. As far as R&D is concerned, one main focus has been made with regards to the multi-disciplinary technologies. We are expecting in the brief and medium term to increase our activities of R&D in full synergies with technologic partners part of the IntegrAM network (https://integram.eu/en/).

Our forecast to start a strategic alliance with the IntegrAM Teamwork, is becoming the most logical perspective under a double vision:

1. To define a specialistic portfolio of products, solutions and machines dedicated specifically and exclusively to the Additive Manufacturing, taking advantage of our high tech know how
2. To promote an alliances between manufacturers of the “made in italy”, with open doors to EU partners, like SPENGLER for example, who is located in the area of Paris – France, offering great support to our projects.

spengler IntegrAM

September 2021: Both IntegrAM and Spengler have started there new web sites, respectively:
https://integram.eu/en/  –  https://spengler.tech/

Laura De Capitani/Editor:

Mr. Christian Accogli, we are in the beginning of 2022 and looking to the new year, what is your forecast for the several activities at Serind Gamma Srl?

Christian Accogli/Serind Gamma Srl:

About Serind Gamma Srl, we have started our mission to gradually specialize and perfection the original core-business of industrial washing systems and automatic ultrasonic cleaning systems according the I-4.0 requirements, to satisfy as much as possible the growing demands coming from the 3D print and Additive Manufacturing technologies. Between others, we are expecting to offer to the market, during 2022:


A perfectioned range of ultrasonic + vibratory finishing machines, tailor made for the AM post processing and finishing – taking advantage of our great experience in production of washing equipments with special regards to the washing + rinsing tanks.  This is the perfect example of technology resulting from a network of specialists, where Techno Surface involves is most recent international patent in ultrasonic cleaning, using a Rollwasch circular range of vibratory finishing bowls, combined with Serind Gamma specific tanks, pumps and washing elements.


A perfectioned range of chemically accelerated deburring systems under vacuum, specifically designed for polymers like PA11, PA12 and TPU.  <br/>We already started to activate a pilot system, available since mid February 2022 for trials, whilst the other companies of the network are already providing samples to do the first demonstrations.

The STEAM-SURFACING technology is based on the perfectioning of our Green-Cleaner range of vacuum cleaning machines, produced from decennia for the industrial fields, re-engineered with peculiar design to get the perfect solution to reach smooth and refined surfaces, most of the times water-proof and with low surface tension, suitable for most popular polymers in the Additive Manufacturing field.  Our policy to offer solutions compliant with the ecologic transition is perfectly meeting the design of our Green-Cleaner range of STEAM-SURFACING systems, with the full CLOSED CIRCUIT recycling of the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) used for the STEAM-SURFACING plants.


February 2022: Example of a SteamSURFACING line of Vacuum finishing machines combined with steam, dedicated to the AM field by Serind Gamma, in Team with the Specialized Company Network IntegrAM

1, 2 and 3 represent model SS-600 with direct front access of box with workpieces;

4 and 5 show the same model complete with automatic storage and loading Module ASLM.

Laura De Capitani/Editor:

Mr. Christian Accogli, what do you expect from your subscription to “Surface Finishing for Target”?

Christian Accogli/Serind Gamma Srl:

As far as SF4T is concerned, we are facing with the 2022 the first full year based on 4 quarters. This will be interactive with several newsletters, webinars and rich of activity around the “Better for Planet cafè”, to emphasize how the true growth can be developed towards the sustainability and by reducing the carbon footprint. SF4T will contribute, for sure, to highlight our true style and intentions, which are oriented to the sustainable development of our technologies, to the circular economy and to reduction of the carbon footprint. What I really expect from “Better for Planet cafè” are two possible results:

1. To interact between organizations of different fields, to grow a constructive set of ideas and proposal to adequate technologies and process to sustainability.

2. To stimulate the foundation of a non profit network to provide resources to help to reduce the Co2, the transform the waste in resources to create new raw materials or energy, and so on. I eagerly believe that discussion, interaction, dialogue, experiments and scientific analysis is the best way to come, the soonest possible, to positive results.

My best wishes so to SF4T and its Editor!


During 2022 The Editor of SF4T, Laura De Capitani, has scheduled several interviews to its subscribers