COATING & LUBRICATION is representing one modern key to approach Automation in the coating and dyeing tasks with innovative technologies . The scenario of solutions offered is very complete and complex, spacing from the “steam dyeing” of polymers and composites, to the LubroCOAT steam lubrication technology for elastomers and special polymers, to the spray paint technology, applied with special rotary barrels, or RotoPAINT technology.

The “steam dyeing” technology, a patent pending solution registered by Techno Surface, is operating with drastically reduced use of colours and, as well, significant reduction of the final produced waste.

Extremely low carbon footprint combined with high efficient automation based on recipes, assuring repeatable quality, deep and homogeneous dyeing, top quality results.
When you need to get homogeneous and deep colours on your plastic or composite components, using 10 to 20 times less colours than with conventional dyeing processes, with automatic tasks based on recipes, the Steam dyeing technology is the right approach, assuring a fast Return of Investment.

The main actors of this NETWORK in more details:

Techno Surface is an Italian company founded in 2015 and specialized in various technologies, with strong convergence towards Additive Manufacturing. Engaged since its inception in technological consultancy and R&D, it has filed a series of specific patents for post-process applications and surface treatments in AM. These innovations include the Eco-Sonic 3D ultrasonic cleaning system, the eco-friendly Steam-Dyeing of polymers. Techno Surface is the coordinator of the IntegrAM program and network.

Rollwasch® is an Italian company founded in 1950 in Milan and specialized in surface treatment. Manufacturer of machines and consumer products, Rollwasch® is an innovative SME, always engaged in R&D, which in the last decade has developed a series of patents to revolutionize post-processing and finishing in AM. In 2021 Rollwasch® won the first prize in the Innovation 4.0 Award, as part of the 15th edition of the A&T – Automation & Testing Fair, with VibroBLAST technology.
TCN, a French company born in 1963 following the encounter between a passionate chemist and a craftsman from Oyonnax in the Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes region of France. This close collaboration led to the development of a new chemical coloring process for eyeglass frames. Acclaimed by local users of cellulose acetate, this groundbreaking process quickly became popular among manufacturers of hairdressing ornaments, costume jewellery and tokens. Manufacturer of dyeing colours for plastic, polymers, elastomers. TCN has shared the vision of the Steam DYEING® technology from the beginning, providing samples to Techno Surface for the tuning of the first hundreds of trials, then signing a cooperation agreement for an R&D Plan. TCN will be the supplier of colours for all the investors of the machines for Steam DYEING® technology provided by IntegrAM.

The “LubroCOAT” technology (also part of the VibroCOAT family), a patent pending solution registered by Techno Surface, is operating with reduced use of lubricants and, as well, significant cohesion of the lubricant to the targeted surface.
Extremely high efficiency combined with smart automation based on recipes, assuring repeatable quality, costant and homogeneous lubrication, top quality results.
Our labs are available for demonstration trial by using the same lubricant that you normally use with the existing system.
To know more: feel free to get in touch with: info@integram.eu

The “RotoPAINT” technology (based on spray paint), an ATEX solution designed to comply with Industry 4.0, is operating with special process based on: Pre-heating (double chamber in stainless steel of the rotary barrel), heat and spray paint (based on solvent paints, with several abdjustable parameters of the gun, pressure, nozzles, etc.), cool down and discharge.
This technology has an old background in the classic industrial applications, on wood, metal and plastic industry – in the recent years, in strict cooperation with thr IntegrAM network, the RotoPAINT technology has been available also for the Additive Manufacturing field.
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