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SF4T Surface Finishing for Target wants to propose a complete and sustainable way of providing information, dealing with current issues that mainly concern the treatment of surfaces, but also Additive Manufacturing, highlighting the commitment and progress towards the Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Footprint .

SF4T Surface Finishing for Target wants to talk about constantly evolving technologies, such as shot blasting, sandblasting, vibratory finishing, grinding and cleaning, coatings and electrochemical technologies, Services and consultancy, correlating themes such as Safety, Health and Ergonomics.

SF4T Surface Finishing for Target rewards environmental sustainability, also proposing itself in an entirely digital format, getting rid of paper and ink, with the sole exception of the “Book of the year”. However, it remains faithful to the editorial spirit by offering an annual editorial plan, divided into six “digital spaces” lasting a bimester period (01, 03, 05, 07, 09 and 11). The first year, 2021, will carry out only three bi-monthly editions, 07-08, 09-10 and 11-12, publishing the first “digital space” in July 2021 (with a ZERO preview issue, between May and June, to present the platform ).

SF4T Surface Finishing for Target is a digital platform open to all readers and almost free, so that information can freely reach the largest possible number of readers. The costs of creation and publication are covered by companies that publish their own news, editorial and advertising using the potential of the digital platform. A minimal part of services requires registration and a contribution (e.g. the Academic & Sciences area is accessible only in the titles and the opening words, the Book of the Year can only be used for a fee).
SF4T Surface Finishing for Target is a professional tool, as well as international, aimed at companies, competence centers, technology incubators, universities and centers of excellence – it will therefore have a specific space also on Linkedin, selected as a social network dedicated to the world of work.

SF4T Surface Finishing for Target is the first digital platform where you can publish and be present not only by paying in money but also, for some specific sections of the platform, by receiving credits, for example for your academic-scientific or training contributions.
The credit offsets the corresponding % of the cost of a typical publication on the digital platform, reported in the price lists as they are updated online. The remaining balance to be contributed in money will compensate for the work of the SF4T team, in addition to costs related to the web space, taxes and overheads.

SF4T Surface Finishing for Target is a digital platform, entirely in English, dedicated to surface treatment.

Academic & Sciences

Permanent section with no time limits dedicated to the academic-scientific definitions of the various technologies.


Specialized area for producers of sandblasting machines and sandblasting systems


Specialized area for manufacturers of industrial and ultrasonic cleaning machines and systems


Specialized area for manufacturers of surface coating machines and systems

Electrochemical process

Specialized area for manufacturers of electrochemical surface finishing machines and plants

Engineering & Consulting

Specialized area for engineering, design, certification and consulting companies

Events, Seminars and Webinars

Area dedicated to events, fairs, congresses, seminars and webinars


Specialized area for manufacturers of robotic grinding systems

Media and consumables

Media and consumables for finishing, sandblasting, shot blasting etc.


Specialized area for producers of shot peening and shot blasting machines and plants, shot peening, flap peening


Specialized area for manufacturers of robotic surface cleaning and polishing systems

Post Process & Finishing for AM

Specialized area for manufacturers of post-process and finishing machines and plants for Additive Manufacturing plants