SURFACE FINISHING is the correct term to better identify thos kinds of surface treatment process with the main target is to “finish” the surface in the finest possible way (like very fine roughness, glossy or mat outlook, and so on).
One typical surface finishing process is the classic vibratory finishing, for example of a plastic component.
As far as the metal components produced with Additive Manufacturing one of the most successful technologies is the Microfluid one – indeed, this technology is able to replace with just one machine and one kind of media, the same activity resulting by the use of 3, 4 or more vibratory finishing machines.
The multi-disciplinary know how available with the IntegrAM network in the SURFACE FINISHING area, is extremely modern and innovative.
Indeed, in the following macro-areas a very interesting set of technologies ready-to-use for your best possible SURFACE FINISHING!

A wide and complete program of surface finishing solutions is available in two distinct programs, one for polymers and the other for metals.

The ultrasonic cleaning is not a new technology and it is available worldwide in several versions and automation level more or less efficient. Unlike the classic technology, the EcoSONIC cleaning technology has some skills that are not available in the market. Between other skills:

• EcoSONIC systems are generally most compact and competitive than the classic automatic lines, comparing same levels of automation and performances in volumes of parts to clean;
• EcoSONIC systems are using an exclusive dynamic, based on the vibratory motion in 3D combined with special “clean media” gentle with the parts; parts are then exposed to the cavitation generated by one or more special sonotrode/s;
• Thanks to the peculiar dynamics, the parts processed in an EcoSONIC system can be also slightly prepared in a sort of “pre-washing” phase, with the removal of the majour polluctants, before to proceed with the classic sequence of “Washing”, “Rinsing” and “Drying” operations;
• The basic standard models are available in 25, 60, up to 120 liters working bowls, interactive with external tanks in stainless steel, with heating and filtering;
Explore the revolution of cleaning with the EcoSONIC technology

The main actors of this NETWORK in more details:

Techno Surface is an Italian company founded in 2015 and specialized in various technologies, with strong convergence towards Additive Manufacturing. Engaged since its inception in technological consultancy and R&D, it has filed a series of specific patents for post-process applications and surface treatments in AM. These innovations include the Eco-Sonic 3D ultrasonic cleaning system, the eco-friendly Steam-Dyeing of polymers. Techno Surface is the coordinator of the IntegrAM program and network.

Rollwasch® is an Italian company founded in 1950 in Milan and specialized in surface treatment. Manufacturer of machines and consumer products, Rollwasch® is an innovative SME, always engaged in R&D, which in the last decade has developed a series of patents to revolutionize post-processing and finishing in AM. In 2021 Rollwasch® won the first prize in the Innovation 4.0 Award, as part of the 15th edition of the A&T – Automation & Testing Fair, with VibroBLAST technology.

UNITECH Srl is specialized in the research, development and production of solutions in the ultrasound technologies. The continuous and rapid technological evolution and the need for ever higher quality standards require the daily research and development of increasingly innovative solutions where quality and reliability play an absolutely vital role in all working processes.
MISSION: Finding ideas and improvement solutions in the field of ultrasound technologies, with continuous customer support, in order to optimize their productivity and therefore their competitiveness.
Unitech has cooperated with an R&D plan shared with Techno Surface in the last few years, to integrate their ultrasonic rods in the EcoSONIC machines designed by techno Surface: the first Pilot Unit of 25 liters is available in the Unitech Headquarters in Italy.

In the context of electrochemical finishing IntegrAM has started, in 2021, a first cooperation with Delmet, an Italian specialist in Electro chemical polishing of stainless steel. 

Later on IntegrAM has continued seeking excellent electrochemical process to include in its “ELY-TECH” portfolio of technologies, thus finding new partnership able to support projects also for precious metals like gold in its variants, brass, titanium and other alloys.
The progress of this partnership has been intensive and efficient, up to reaching an agreement to produce machines with the HMI and PLC made by Rollwasch, in order to speed up the after sales service of ELY-TECH systems to Rollwasch or IntegrAM clients – respectively in the Industrial field or in the Additive Manufacturing field.
To know more: info@integram.eu