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VibroBLAST Technology (Pressure)

VibroBLAST Technology (Pressure) VBA-PR
PR stand for “Pressure” blasting technology – with this technology it is possible to use every kind of blasting media included the metallic ones;
Accordingly it is possible to use not only glass beads, ceramic beads, melamine granulates, aluminum oxide, and similar blasting media, but ALSO STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL and other kinds of alloys of METALLIC MEDIA;
The PR range of VibroBLAST equipments is extremely competitive, compared with the classic pressure-blasting cabinets, but much more when compared to rotery belt type turbine blasting equipments.
One of the limits of the Pressure VibroBLAST equipments is the minimum size, sterting from the minimum circular bowl size of 300 liter with pneumatic cover, pneumatic discharging port and other interesting automatic features.

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