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Editorial Plan

SF4T Surface Finishing for Target is a digital platform, entirely in English, dedicated to surface treatment, Coating, Additive Manufacturing, Electrochemical tech and related technologies
Starting from The years 2022 / 2023 the organization is divided in four quarters per year.

After the tuning of the first period (2021), the Platform SF4T is now mature for its ordinary start, based on a year activity shared in four quarters, as follows:

1. January / March;
2. April / June;
3. July / September;
4. October / December;

In the year 2023, as well as in the following years, the organization in four trimesters will offer competitive subscribing options to every one.

YEAR 2022

Closing date for every issue is within 10th day of 2 months before 

YEAR 2021

Closing date for every issue is within 10th day of 2 months before – for Edition ZERO (0) from Jan 2020 untill 10th March


SF4T Surface Finishing for Target is a digital platform, entirely in English, dedicated to surface treatment. Its organization is based on the symbiosis between two interactive and complementary realities, the Editor and ITS – International Technical Supervisor:

The EDITOR or editorial curator, is represented by the company La De.sign (www.ladesign.it) which has always dealt wif Funnel Marketing, Study of Digital Marketing Strategies, Social Media Marketing, Digital Platforms. The Editor’s contact details, shown in the footer, include a specific e-mail address for the activities of the digital platform: editor@surfacefinishing4t.com – the Editor deals with the administrative, functional and operational aspects of the platform, managing the billing of customer services. 

The contacts planned with the Editor will therefore concern the administrative and functional issues of the platform. The EDITOR in fact takes care of creating, updating, developing and administering the platform, invoicing the services offered by SF4T. Each year, together with the ITS, the Editor defines the annual planning of the communication path envisaged with the SF4T platform:


Website to advertise and inform the characteristics of the platform;


Digital Platform with spaces reserved for all subscribers, with directories, podcasts, space reserved for academic and scientific topics, etc.


Newsletter addressed to an articulated database that the platform gradually enriches, partly with its own contacts, partly with contacts sent by each one of its subscriber.


Webinars with training courses, current affairs, academic scientific themes, world premieres, patents, innovations and much more.


Book of the year every year the platform publishes new themes and topics, and regularly collects in a “book” in paper format, the major themes of the year, forming a valuable historical archive going to constitute a precious historical archive of the salient activities aimed at the platform over time. The book can be purchased by subscribers who can also provide shipping lists (extra service with participation in costs).


Academic & Sciences area accessible to all in the titles and first words, while the complete part can only be used by subscription, which can be paid or free for all accredited figures who will offer their scientific contribution by publishing articles, academic abstracts, etc


Books & E-Books e-commerce area for the on-line sale of books and e-books relevant to the SF4T editorial line.


Social Media link to SF4T social media initially limited to Linkedin and Facebook.


Podcast Area dedicated to tutorials and presentations in podcast format


Video area dedicated to tutorials and presentations in video format.

How to acquire credits:
  1. By subscribing to an annual subscription from min.3 to max. 6 bimestral Advertisements, by publishing an L, M or S area in your digital space (only presence with a “logo” space does not entitle you to credits)
  2. By subscribing, in addition to the Advertise space, also participation in one or more columns (such as Better 4 Planet and How does it work, etc.)
  3. In addition to credits, advertisers have the right to publish for free an editorial every bimester (up to 2000 words and with 2 high resolution pictures).
  4. With credits you can book your presence in other columns and increase your visibility on the platform and in the most renowned search engines
ITS International Technical Supervisor

ITS (acronym for International Technical Supervisor) is a service offered by the team of Techno Surface Sas, a company competent in technologies for surface treatment, industrial automation, robotics and additive manufacturing. The ITS contact details, shown in the footer, include an e-mail address and a dedicated team for the activities of the digital platform: its@surfacefinishing4t.com 

ITS mainly deals with the technical supervision of contents, the development and maintenance of the international network of “Area Coach”, “Xpert” and “Academic”, chosen among subscribers or local Role-Players dedicated to certain geographical areas . ITS with its international network supports, with its own technical supervision organization, the subscription of subscriptions and editorial spaces on the platform, managed by the Editor. 

SF4T Publications of the MAIN TOPICS of the platform


SF4T Columns on the platform

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SF4T Other spaces and services on the platform

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