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During the year 2024 IntegrAM has developped a new design of EcoSONIC SYSTEMS based on its innovative technology covered by Patent demand. The new model is the top size (120 liter nominal capacity) of the EcoSONIC range of ultrasonic washing systems, and it introduces an extended series of operative tasks possible.
Only the SurfPRO ECOSONIC ECS systems offered by IntegrAM with DUAL-FREQUENCY and dedicated recycling tank have a hedge over any classic washing system. Indeed, taking advantage of the specific elastic and vectorial «QF» media, these systems are able to perform a «Surf-Pro» pre-wash on components with pre-treatment needs and where the waste generated can be relaunched to a collection point external and unrelated to the washing and rinsing tanks.

This allows to manage alternative, more complex and complete processes than just washing and rinsing, including, where required, the ultrasonic cavitation action, with obvious advantages in surface treatment strategies.

All SurfPRO ECOSONIC ECS systems offered by IntegrAM can be customized and get from the considerable portfolio of solutions adopted. The challenge of 2024 is resulting from designing and producing the biggest and most complete model of the range, identified with the model, based on the DUAL FREQUENCY technology: SurfPRO-120-ECS-2-SP The used ultrasonic frequencies can be customized according to the specific cavitation needs, nevertheless this model is distinguished by 20 and 40 kHz frequencies. Every new challenge inspires us to offer competitive, efficient and innovative solutions.

Front view of the SurfPRO-120-ECS-2-SP

Rear view of the system, where the washing and rinsing stainless steel tanks are positioned – the design is based on symmetric and mirror tanks, complete with filters and pumps.

Between other advantages, the compressed space required to offer so many possible automatic tasks in sequence, makes this system a true MILESTONE in the ultrasonic washing technology.

All machines are available with HMI designed with a touch screen colour display combined with software to manage recipes of different kinds, tailor made for each customer.

Once checked-out at our premises, before shipment, our system can be easily positioned and started up based on the PLUG & PLAY concept of the pre-assembled systems.

For further information : tech@integram.eu

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