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Better for Planet – Cafè

There is a new place where you can spend a few minutes of your time, perhaps drinking a good cup of cofee at your home or office. This is “Better for Planet cafè”.

This special area is dedicated to exchange ideas and provide information regarding all those evolutions of technology that can bring to something “Better for Planet”.

The digital platform “Surface Finishing for Target” is involving all those Organizations and Subscribers specialized in activities and technologies like Surface Finishing, Coating, Additive Manufacturing and related fields like waste water treatment, air treatment and so on.

The world is currently not on track to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees (november 2021). Much greater collective efforts are needed to keep our planet’s temperature within safe limits. At COP26, the EU will invite all parties to the Paris Agreement to propose ambitious national emission reduction targets and will ask developed countries to step up international climate finance. With the initiative of “Better for Planet cafè” we want to open, to all our actual and future subscribers, an area where to share ideas, inform improvements, highlight alternative solutions with higer sustainability than other ones. Thanks to the contribution of ALL OF US or, better, to ALL THE SF4T SUBSCRIBERS WHO WANT TO CONTRIBUTE, it is possible to concert new ideas for the best possible ecologic transition. The active partecipation of the Area Xperts, of the Academic subscribers and of all those specialists of each technology will be, starting from January 2022, much easier and affordable.
If you want to know more about how to contribute to our cafè, click on the following image to receive the best offer to subscribe and become active contributor to the biggest challenge than ever.

Between the several options of this cafè area, there will be the opportunity to partecipate to the foundation of a “Non Profit Organization” to plant trees and offer solutions (achievable with Additive Manufacturing) for the collection and purification of water.