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PERSPECTIVES LOOKING AT 2022 – Interview to Rollwasch Italiana spa







Interview by

Editor of SF4T

Laura De Capitani/Editor:

Mr. Redaelli, how was this year going?

Paolo Redaelli/Rollwasch:

Good question! Infact the lesson we learned during the development of the year 2021, will probably teach how to manage the next year. In few words this was a rather good year if we consider the business volume growing faster than in 2019 and, of course, much faster than after the pandemic year 2020. Nevertheless the numbers of 2021 cannot be compared with the ones of 2019. Indeed, the meter is not the same due to the much higher costs arised this year from any corner: raw materials of any type with price increased, shortage of many basic materials, transport costs multiplied from the majour international sea-ports, with delays and serious slow down, crisis of the microchip and all related products and delivery times, energy costs increased, etc.


2021, the “Annus Harrybilis”, not only for the Royal House, also for the increasing costs in many directions. 

Laura De Capitani/Editor:

Substantially, was the 2019 positive?

Paolo Redaelli/Rollwasch:

Indeed it was. In spite of all the difficulties to re-start after the pandemic year 2020, in spite of all the problems arised by re-organizing the production and the sales with delayed delivery times and higher prices not depending on our will, we can finally say: yes, it has been a way out from the very bad situation of the lock-down period, on one hand and, on the other hand, an year with positive trend of projects developped and business volumes.


Headquarters of Rollwasch Italiana Spa, in the region of MILAN – Italy 

Laura De Capitani/Editor:

Mr. Redaelli, we are in december and looking to the new year, what is your forecast for the several activities at Rollwasch?

Paolo Redaelli/Rollwasch:

About Rollwasch, we have started since 2019 our mission to gradually expand the original core-business of Vibratory Finishing and barrelling, by developing new cross-disciplinary technologies in the fields of Sand Blasting and Shot Peening where, with our VibroBLAST technology, we are facing depressure (Venturi) blasting, pressure blasting, wet blasting, shot peening and soon also wheel blasting in coopertion with an European Partner. Thanks to the incentives offered by the Industry ,4.0 (at least in Italy) we have developped more and more the design and production of complex machines and automatic systems according the I-4.0 requirements.


One view of the innovative VibroBLAST finishing system developed by Rollwasch (Patent) 

Laura De Capitani/Editor:

What about the interaction of Rollwasch with the Additive Manufacturing and the IntegrAM-Team?

Paolo Redaelli/Rollwasch:

About tour interaction with the IntegrAM-Team, the potentials are amplified to further technologies, aiming to offer important advantages to the post process and finishing in the Additive manufacturing. We have infact involved new partners to offer solutions for Coating, with the RotoPAINT technology, on one hand and, on the other hand with the steam-dyeing technology. We have concluded the first R&D phase also for new generations of cleaning machines EcoSONIC, thanks to a recent patent of Techno Surface, that has decided to produce all of their new systems (a part the ultrasonic generators, of course) at Rollwasch where we are able to provide the required specs about safety and quality requirements. Last but not least, we are opening the doors of the IntegrAM Team to new challenges and 2022 will see a growing trend in our R&D activities, in partnership with specialists of Electrochemical Technologies, in direction of metal components and, in direction of polymers, our development of machines combining vacuum and Azeotropic substances (costant boiling point mixtures) to produce surface finishing with strong reduction of pollution and one eye to sustainability. From the automation point of view, 2022 will foresee for all of our machines and systems the option to include a wear sensor for the anti-abrasive lining of the finishing working bowls – this technology, patented from Techno Surface few years ago, is now fully mature to be included in all modern design machines and automatic systems. When a polyurethane lining of a bowl will become too thin, the HMI of the machine will be able to inform the operator that it is time to foresee a new lining to be done. Last but not least, the DCK technology will start to be introduced by the IntegrAM-Team, with a complete program and a very high scalability.


One Build of PA12 loaded in the Decaking chamber of the VibroBLAST DCK system. 

Laura De Capitani/Editor:

Mr. Redaelli, what do you expect from your subscription to “Surface Finishing for Target”?

Paolo Redaelli/Rollwasch:

As far as SF4T is concerned, we are facing with the 2022 the first full year based on 4 quarters. This will be interactive with several newsletters, webinars and rich activity around the “Better for Planet cafè”, to emphasize how the true growth can be developped towards the sustainability and by reducing the carbon footprint. SF4T will contribute, for sure, to highligh our true style and intentions, which are oriented to the sustainable development of our technologies, to the circular economy and to reduction of the carbon footprint. What I really expect from “Better for Planet cafè” are two possible results:
1. To interact between organizations of different fields, to grow a constructive set of ideas and proposal to adequate technologies and process to sustainability.
2. To stimulate the foundation of a non profit network to provide resources to help to reduce the Co2, the transform the waste in resources to create new raw materials or energy, and so on.
I eagerly believe that discussion, interaction, dialogue, experiments and scientific analysis is the best way to come, the soonest possible, to positive results. My best wishes so to SF4T and its Editor!


During 2022 The Editor of SF4T, Laura De Capitani, has scheduled several interviews to its subscribers