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TechnoLIGHT, an innovative TRI-ACTIVE program

Techno Surface, with the TechnoLIGHT program, offers a new approach to health protection for surfaces, water and air.

Techno SURFACE has developed a collaboration with a partner specialized in the ecological treatment of surfaces with ultraviolet rays, water and air with tri-active technology.
From conception to implementation, we develop and offer qualitative and innovative products born from industrial research supported by university studies, perfectly adaptable to the specific needs of our most demanding customers.
Excellent air quality is essential to ensure optimal hygiene and health.
We want to help build a healthier world where respect for man and the environment are at the heart of our society’s concerns. The air treatment solutions we develop with the ANEMO range are harmless and respectful of their users and do not require chemicals to be effective.
Our devices are solutions that can prevent the spread of microorganisms.

Excellent air quality is essential to ensure optimal levels of hygiene and health.

The air treatment solutions that we develop with the ANEMO range are harmless and respectful of humans. They do not require chemicals to be effective.
Our devices are preventive solutions that can prevent the spread of microorganisms.
Our technological partner has been designing and manufacturing UVc treatment devices for disinfection of fluids and surfaces since 1982. In the case of air, with ANEMO devices, it applies a tri-active technology.

TRI-ACTIVE technology: filtration, ultraviolet and photocatalysis is the maximum expression of air treatment for environments available today.

Filtration: after passing through the pre-filter, the air then passes through a filtration system with activated carbon. Activated carbon is known for its ability to absorb volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are molecules dissolved in the air and are very harmful pollutants in indoor environments. Such pollutants are odors, chemicals and all kinds of harmful gases.

UVc: ultraviolet radiation has the ability to destroy germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds …) contained in fluids and air. UVc radiation passes through the cytoplasmic membrane of the cell and reaches the nucleus. When the cells are divided, DNA is unable to replicate or reproduce. Thus the molecular structure of the DNA is broken and renders the microbe harmless.

Photocatalysis: destroys all polluting particles present in the air. Through the generation of oxidizing radicals, this process causes the breakdown of chemical bonds of contaminants (VOCs). These are then broken down into CO2 and H2O which are harmless to humans. Photocatalysis also acts well on the chemical molecules blocked by the activated carbon filter as well as on those that pass through it. Like ultraviolet technology, photocatalysis also has a germicidal effect. The combination of the three technologies guarantees optimal decontamination and disinfection of microorganisms.

Studies and scientific research demonstrate the effectiveness of oxidative photocatalysis –  a determining element of TRI-active technology for air treatment

Photocatalysis, in addition to killing bacteria, breaks them down. Disinfection through photocatalysis is 3 times more effective than that with chlorine and 1.5 times that of ozone.
Photocatalysis is second only to sterilization.


We want to ensure optimal air quality in order to protect the health of your employees who work in an enclosed environment. Furthermore, the treatment of gaseous emissions allows to reduce or even suppress emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere. As the rejection thresholds are lowered more and more, photocatalysis therefore presents itself as an innovative and efficient solution adapted to new industrial problems.


The main problem during the storage of post-harvest fruit and vegetables is the presence of harmful elements in the cold rooms and packaging areas. In addition to the development of microorganisms, the emission of ethylene also accelerates the degradation of some products.
TechnoLIGHT AIR TLA – ANEMO solutions have proven extremely effective against the development of ethylene and microorganisms, reducing them strongly.


Smell or taste of cork or mold … The consequences of these two alterations of the wine represent considerable economic losses and customer dissatisfaction linked to the quality of the product.
The combination of adsorption on activated carbon and degradation by photocatalysis allows to effectively treat many chemical compounds responsible for the bad smells and tastes of wine.

Healthcare evironment

In hospitals or offices, medical professionals are constantly exposed to patients with bacteria. It is therefore essential to limit the health impact of waiting rooms, consultation places and ensure the well-being of patients and professionals. Our ANEMO ranges respond to this problem without releasing ozone into the atmosphere.


Transport of food, plants or public and private transport: our products reduce contamination, airborne between products and bacteria between travelers. Ambulances, standard or refrigerated trucks, trains, buses or taxis … Our solutions adapt to all needs and integrate into the smallest spaces.

Public spaces

Contrary to popular belief, the air in confined spaces is 10 times more polluted than outdoor air because it is confined. This greatly increases the concentration of pollutants in the air.
ANEMO air purifiers treat indoor air against bacteria, molds and other annoying particles in all types of structures, without releasing ozone.

Private assets

Materials, insulation products, treatment and coating, heating, air conditioning and furniture are the main sources of emissions of carcinogenic and mutagenic pollutants. ANEMO has developed a specific system that combines the most efficient ozone-free air purification solutions.

Bora-Vichy – from 7 to 14 m^3/h

Ambulances, taxis, elevators, private desks and other small areas … Bora Vichy fits everywhere.
TRI-ACTIVE technology does not release chemicals or ozone, so it allows you to work a volume of air all day, without risking harming the health of users.
In addition, installation and maintenance are simplified, filters are changed only once or twice a year and an hour counter (optional) indicates the life of the UVc lamps. Finally, it is possible to connect the device to a cigarette lighter socket.

Hegoa – from 50 to 100 m^3/h

To avoid the transmission of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms in waiting rooms, public spaces, cold rooms, private homes or to avoid altering the taste of wine …

Without using ozone or other chemicals, HEGOA eliminates bacteria, pollutants and chemicals. Most of them can be treated within the day.
At the first step, our devices destroy 80% of pollutants (bacteria, molds, VOCs …). The rest is retained in the activated carbon filter which will then be treated by photocatalysis. The TRI-ACTIVE technology we use is respectful of man and the environment.
In addition, installation and maintenance are easy, the filters only need to be changed once or twice a year. It is a plug and play device.

Like HEGOA, SILUXE makes it possible to avoid the transmission of bacteria and microorganisms to medical, collective places, habitats or cellars.
Simple installation and maintenance, filters only need to be changed once or twice a year.
It is a plug and play device, like Hegoa. The SILUXE range has wheels, led light for hour counter as standard. It is also possible to change the color of the product (for a minimum order of 5 devices) and customize it (for a minimum order of 20 devices).
Project example: Our products are mainly used in dental practices as well as in hospitals in the oncology service to reduce the concentration of CFU (Colony-forming Unit) in the air.

Siluxe – from 50 to 100 m^3/h

Adapted to large surfaces, HEGOA 500/800 allows to treat industrial gaseous effluents before discharge into the atmosphere, to reduce / eliminate emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds such as ethylene (which accelerates the degradation of products) as well as concentration bacteria, thus limiting the risk of contamination among workers …
Our systems allow treatments up to 800m3 / h and adapt to the needs of both an industrial producer, a community or a farmer. Installation and maintenance are simplified, the replacement of the filters depends on the treated environment and an hour counter indicates the life of the lamps (more than one year).
Project example: In Casablanca, Morocco, we carried out a series of tests in two orange warehouses. Same surface, same number of products: one room was equipped with a Hegoa, the other was not. The results were extraordinary and thanks to our products, this fruit producer achieved a shelf life of over 30 days compared to ten days without air handling equipment.

TechnoLIGHT Water TLW, TechnoLIGHT Air TLA, TechnoLIGHT Surface TLS

The TechnoLIGHT program is characterized by three categories of specialist and professional products, respectively used for the sanitization and sanitation of water, air and surfaces.
Contact Techno Surface with confidence, we have a range of solutions and expert technological partners able to satisfy much more than your initial expectations … … Let’s talk about it!

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